Am I eligible?

While there a wide range of class action lawsuits against Navient with differing eligibility criteria, this checklist below will help you get a sense of general eligibility and what information you might need to join a lawsuit against Navient.

Step 1:  Find out if Navient is your loan servicing provider

Navient services both federal and private student loans.

 Since 2010, the government has been the lender for all federal student loans, but it is third-party private companies such as Navient that have handled loan servicing on the government’s behalf.

 For federal loans, the first step is to logon to the Federal Student Aid website with your FSA ID and work out if Navient is your federal loan servicer. If your loan is private rather than federal, there will be no record of it on the FSA system. You should logon to the loan portal you normally use, check your statement and get your loan servicing provider’s identity from there. It will be the name of the company on the statement.

 It may also help to determine if your loan was ever placed in forebearance. You can do this by asking Navient or checking your statements.

Step 2: Gather as much detail as you can

This includes statements, email and notes from phone discussions you had with Navient and other parties including your education institution regarding your student loan.

Step 3. Know how the lawsuit “class” is formed

Understand that the judge ruling on any given class action will decide who makes up the “class” – that’s usually anyone directly affected by the misconduct that is identified.

Step 4. Get good class action lawsuit legal advice

You may be able to obtain free legal advice on whether you will be eligible to benefit Navient class action lawsuit. We are working on ways to help you do that by forming partnerships with law firms that are active in this area.

You can always head to our home page to learn more about the range of Navient lawsuits on foot and check out our sign up page for information on joining one of the various lawsuits in progress.