Navient bankruptcy class action lawsuit

navient lawsuit settlements

Up to 500,000 student loan borrowers who declared bankruptcy and assumed (wrongly) that their student loans would be discharged stand to get relief through a class action lawsuit. About 30,000 of these student loan borrowers had their loans through Navient, who refused to discharge the loans and has continued to levy charges and interest on the borrowers. … Read more

Navient Loan Forgiveness Lawsuit

navient loan forgiveness lawsuit

Navient recently (in May 2020) settled a lawsuit brought by public sector employees (teachers) who had claimed they had been denied access to a loan forgiveness program designed for government employees. Instead, the borrowers alleged, they continued to pay interest and principal on their loans, from which Navient accrued fees. While the Judge Denise Cote … Read more

Navient Student Loan Lawsuit

Navient, one of the country’s largest student loan servicing providers, is being sued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau who allege its practices breach federal and state consumer protection laws and are unfair, deceptive and abusive. Given Navient’s status as the third-largest student loan servicing operator with more than 12 million student loan customers, the … Read more

Navient robocall lawsuit

Borrowers set to get justice for Navient robocalls Navient and other companies servicing student loans and other types of loans owed to the US government have been exempt from the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. That’s mean they could robocall debtors with impunity. But a recent court ruling has brought into question that immunity and is … Read more

How many Navient class action lawsuits are there?

While the lawsuits filed by the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and five state attorneys-general against Navient have attracted most of the recent headlines, few people are aware there are several other lawsuits filed against America’s third-largest student loan servicing company. Check out this blog post for a comprehensive rundown of all these suits to … Read more

Navient class action lawsuit sign up

navient class action lawsuit sign up

Here is how to work out if you potentially have a claim for financial compensation or debt forgiveness and learn how to complete a Navient class action lawsuit sign up in three easy steps outline below. How to become part of one of the Navient lawsuits The Judge will identify the class and notify them. … Read more

Am I eligible?

navient class action lawsuit am i eligible

While there a wide range of class action lawsuits against Navient with differing eligibility criteria, this checklist below will help you get a sense of general eligibility and what information you might need to join a lawsuit against Navient. Step 1:  Find out if Navient is your loan servicing provider Navient services both federal and … Read more