How many Navient class action lawsuits are there?

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While the lawsuits filed by the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and five state attorneys-general against Navient have attracted most of the recent headlines, few people are aware there are several other lawsuits filed against America’s third-largest student loan servicing company. Check out this blog post for a comprehensive rundown of all these suits to see if you could benefit.
This suit may benefit thousands of struggling borrowers looking to escape student-loan debts. The suit was filed by a number of attorneys on behalf of borrowers who believe their student loans should have been discharged by entering bankruptcy. The loans targeted in this suit are known as “non qualified educational loans” including loans to attend flight schools, sit bar exams, study abroad and a range of other purposes. To learn more visit our Navient bankruptcy lawsuit page.

Navient Robocall lawsuits

More than 17,000 people subjected to persistent “robocalls” from Navient were ruled to be entitled to share in the proceeds of a $2.5m settlement in a suit filed by Turner Law Offices. The February ruling found that Navient violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by using automated dialling machines to obtain information about borrowers from third parties who were not responsible for the loans. To find out more and check your eligibility a payment, visit our Navient robocall settlement page.

Teachers’ union Navient lawsuit

The American Federation of Teachers announced in October 2018 it was bringing a lawsuit against Navient alleging the company steered its members away from debt relief and gave them false information. The lawsuit will examine the whether Navient applied the public service loan forgiveness program, which allows certain not-for-profit and government employees to have their federal student loans canceled after 10 years of on-time payments. The nine plaintiffs are composed of teachers, professors and other public servants.

Weather man’s Navient lawsuit

A national weather service meteorologist Bill Cotrill is a plaintiff in another class action lawsuit against Navient. In the lawsuit, it is alleged Cotrill made 120 payments over 10 years on time but when he sought to obtain relief under the forgiveness program Navient advised him he had the wrong type of loan.

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