Navient Student Loan Lawsuit

There are a range of lawsuits progressing against Navient (the main ones are listed below)

This page deals with the top one – the federal CSFB lawsuit against Navient. Click on the links below to go to the relevant state lawsuits listed below.

  • The Federal CSFB lawsuit
  • The Illinois Navient Student Loan lawsuit
  • The Pennsylvania Navient Student Loan Lawsuit
  • The California Navient Student Loan Lawsuit
  • The Mississippi Navient Student Loan Lawsuit
  • The Washington Navient Student Loan Lawsuit

Navient, one of the country’s largest student loan servicing providers, is being sued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau who allege its practices breach federal and state consumer protection laws and are unfair, deceptive and abusive.

Given Navient’s status as the third-largest student loan servicing operator with more than 12 million student loan customers, the CFSB’s Navient lawsuit is one of the most closely watched class action lawsuits in the country’s courts at the moment. 

It is early days in this massive lawsuit and too soon to tell if borrowers will wind up with compensation.